Here’s what some program participants are saying about
the Buster program:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing Buster to our school last week. Your message on school bus safety was the best I have ever heard. The students in my school have been talking about you and Buster ever since then.  Your presentation was taken to heart by my students and teachers. I am looking forward to having you back in our school for years to come. Thank you for taking time to bring such important information to our students. Thank you also for helping us continue to make Leighton Elementary a great place to learn!

Alan Willingham
Leighton Elementary School

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Bryan Nash. Mr. Nash recently made a series of school bus safety presentations to students in two of our schools. The presentations featured Buster the School Bus. Mr. Nash made this robotic school bus come alive for the children and had them totally captivated. Mr. Nash used his robot to produce presentations that were highly interactive, informative, and entertaining.

I personally had the pleasure of working with Mr. Nash during his presentations to our students. Since his visit, I have found a new level of involvement and familiarity with students in our school system. This program has great potential to bring a new sense of unity among students, teachers, and bus drivers in regard to school bus safety.

I plan to use Mr. Nash in some capacity on an annual basis in our school system. I consider Mr. Nash’s program a very effective tool in fulfilling my role as Transportation Director of Ozark City Schools. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need additional information on this new and innovative program.

Howard Harrison
Transportation Director
Ozark City Schools

On March 31, we had the pleasure of hosting “Buster the Bus” program. The performance is very educational and entertaining.

Vivian B. Adams is a Special Needs School, serving nearly 200 students and consumers daily. Our population ranges from moderate developmental delays to severe Mental Retardation. Of all our students/consumers who attended the show, I feel sure they were all able to relate to, and interact with the program.

We all enjoyed “Buster” and recommend his performance to Special Needs schools every where.

Herman F. Jackson
Vivian B. Adams School

I would like to express my appreciation for the presentation you made to our kindergarten and first grade with Buster the Bus. The kids really enjoyed Buster and the comic book. Your program in conjunction with my drivers taking students to a bus to reinforce your program was exceptional. Keep up the good work.

Walker Segars
Transportation Supervisor
Boaz City Schools

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