Buster in the News

‘Buster’ helps students learn bus safety rules
By Stephanie Nelson, The Andalusa Star-News, 8/11/06

The children of Andalusia Elementary School spent Thursday learning the finer points of bus safety.

Bryan Nash and his sidekick, Buster, presented the program on bus safety to each of the kindergarten through fifth grades during each group’s P.E. class.

“Every child at one time or another rides a school bus,” Nash said. “This program teachers them what everyone needs to know when it comes to riding the school bus.”

According to Nash, more than 50 percent of students in the state of Alabama are transported to school on school buses and that is the reason he decided to implement this program.

“The safety of our children is one of the biggest issues an educator and a parent faces,” he said. “This program teaches children when they’re young about being safe on the bus.

“Unfortunately, national statistics from a 10-year period between 1989-1999 show an average of 10 passengers were killed each year in school buses crashes,” he said. “Out of those fatalities, more than half were children between five and seven years old. It makes sense to start educating them early about how to ride the school bus safely.”

AES Principal Patty Taylor said the idea behind the program is one that children need to learn.

“Safety is one of our primary concerns here at AES,” Taylor said. “This program is wonderful in the way that it teaches children. It’s very interactive. We just can’t do enough to promote safety.”

Nash uses “Buster” as a teaching model to explain to children how they can be a safer bus rider while teaching them the four things their parents can do before leaving the house in the morning.

“I really focus on the major points of safety during loading and unloading,” Nash said. “We just can stress the issue of safety enough to our children.”

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