Message from Buster’s Sidekick

Bryan Nash, President

I would like to take a minute to introduce you to Buster and Friends, the new school bus safety program that educates early elementary school children on the ever important subject of school bus safety. In the state of Alabama alone, school buses travel 333,224 miles and transport 367,565 students daily. Due to the hard work and dedication of all levels of transportation personnel, Alabama has one of the best pupil transportation systems in the nation.

The state provides mandatory training for all drivers, mechanics, supervisors, and even training opportunities for the secretaries, but students are not required to have any training on school bus safety except for emergency evacuation drills.

This is where Buster and Friends comes into the picture. After extensive discussions with the Alabama State Department of Education and numerous transportation supervisors, I have developed a new and exciting way to educate elementary school students on bus safety and etiquette. The star of the program is Buster the School Bus. He is a remote controlled robotic school bus that interacts with and entertains the students as they learn all about school bus safety. With Buster’s help, the program covers all areas of transportation safety from getting up on time in the morning and safety at the bus stop to riding the bus, the danger zone around the bus, and getting off the bus in the afternoon. As a retired transportation director from Tuscaloosa County Board of Education, I am very aware of how much time school administrators spend on bus discipline problems, so Buster and Friends also instructs students on the importance of good behavior and a positive attitude on the bus.

Buster and Friends is so important for your students, that the Alabama State Department of Education has decided that the program fee qualifies as a legitimate transportation expenditure. You can contact the State Pupil Transportation Department to obtain the correct financial code in reporting this expenditure on your financial report. Some systems have also indicated that their PTO or PTA Organizations may sponsor the program for their schools. If desired, optional coloring or activity books may be ordered. These are wonderful tools that can be used to reinforce the rules of school bus safety in the classroom after the program.

If you have any questions regarding program content, available dates, or cost to book “Buster and Friends” for your system, please feel free to contact me. Since school is now in session, I may be unavailable to answer your call immediately; but please do not hesitate to leave a voice mail message and I will get back in touch. I look forward to presenting this safety program to your students in the future.


Bryan Nash
Crossgate Services

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